Our Services

Nutrient Management Plans

A LandVision Nutrient Management Plan is more than just a nutrient budget. It uses detailed land resource information, derived from farm mapping and takes into consideration the impacts of nutrient management on the farm system as a whole.  

Whole Farm Plans

A Whole Farm Plan is a signifigantly more comprehensive document than a Nutrient Management Plan. It provides a detailed assessment of the physical resources from farm mapping and gives a strategic vision of optimising your production whilst farming the environment sustainably. 

Effluent Management Plans

Dairy effluent is potentially a highly valuable resource with the ability to supply useful nutrients to the farm system. A LandVision E.M.P generates a strategic management plan to maximise the nutrient benefits while avoiding environmental contamination.

Soil and Land Resource Mapping

Having a thorough understanding of the natural attributes of your farm in particular soil characteristics, forms the basis of all environmental management decision. Mapping is a key service provided by LandVision and is undertaken by staff with a wealth of soil science experience.  

Resource Consent Applications

Applying for a resource consent or understanding what requirements your local Council require for landuse related activities can be confusing. LandVision has a wealth of experience in all aspects of consent applications.

Farm Discussion Groups

LandVision facilitates farm discussion groups on a wide range of land management issues. This includes the Beef and Lamb LEP’s.

E.M Mapping

LandVision uses an Electromagnetic Sensor to develop comprehensive soil resource maps for precision agriculture and irrigation scheduling.

Erosion Control Programmes

LandVision can develop strategic Erosion Control Plans for landowners wishing to mitigate current erosion issues along with those who aim to prevent future erosion from occurring.

Forestry Management

Landvision has experience in all aspects of forestry management through to assets management and compliance. We can provide landowners with many options for timber species, beautification, biodiversity, shade and shelter or land stabilisation. 

Coastal Management

LandVision is experienced in dune stabilisation projects throughout the lower North Island. We have expertise and experience in a range of coastal management systems that can be adapted and applied to individual situations.

Council Compliance Advice

LandVision has extensive experience working with Regional and District Councils throughout New Zealand. We are able to support, advise and interpret council policy and procedures on all farming and environmental related matters. 

Horizons One Plan

The Environment Court has returned its decision regarding the One Plan which subsequently has a significant affect on the way some landowners will manage their resources in the future.